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Why choose Skyephysio 

At Skyephysio you are assured of seeing a Chartered, registered Physiotherapist regulated by the professional bodies CSP and HCPC

You will also be guaranteed to see a physiotherapist who has dedicated their career to learning and broadening their knowledge and expertise, which is shown by their qualifications.

Between the current physiotherapists at Skyephysio you are gaining access to over 60 plus years of experience, established professional links with GPs, Consultants, Sports Clubs, Occupational and Legal organisations.


What will your experience involve?

For all clients, you receive an hour initial assessment.

An assessment of your problem takes place, which will involve treatment and formulation of a plan tailored to you. Ongoing treatment can involve 30 or 60 minute individual attention as needed to help you gain your desired goals.

How can we help?

We believe in preventative measures teaching you how to reduce the risk of a recurrence of your problem.

We can assess your movement patterns and advise any potential areas of concern regarding injury risk. Physiotherapy is not just about treating the pain but the underlying cause, we are a clinic that goes the extra mile to ensure you gain your optimum result. Help you to get better and stay better, not just feel better!

What to expect...

Manual Therapy

This is skilled passive movement of the clients joints and soft tissues. The therapist will assess the movement of the relevant joints in different ways to gain an appreciation of any restrictions, spasm or pain. Manual therapy has been shown to bring about a widespread reduction of pain, improve blood flow, stimulation of muscle recruitment and reduction of muscle spasm through the stimulation of the brain and spinal cord. On its own it is not a miracle cure, but as part of a personally tailored physiotherapy programme, importantly including pain education, there is strong supportive evidence for its use.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is a prescription of relevant exercises which will be catered to your needs, this may involve gaining improved muscle recruitment, muscle endurance, muscle strength or cardiovascular capacity. This can involve the gymnasium facilities or can be a home exercise programme, whatever is best for you. Our goal is to make the exercise prescribed, tailored to to you, achievable, research based and as fun as possible :-)


Hydrotherapy is a holistic body treatment that involves moving and exercising in water. Hydrotherapy is where the pressure and movement of water is controlled and changed according to what the client is needing to achieve. This can be a great adjunct to land physiotherapy and can also help to maintain their general health and fitness.

Sports Massage

This is a form of manual therapy and is only performed by experienced Chartered physiotherapists at our clinic. It can aid pain reduction, muscle spasm and muscle recruitment. On its own it is not a miracle cure, but as part of a personally tailored physiotherapy programme, importantly including pain education there is good evidence for its use.

Taping and Strapping

This is a treatment using tape to help provide support to vulnerable joints using the bodies proprioceptive feedback mechanisms. Through our clinical experience taping and strapping can be very helpful post injury and in aiding exercise therapy.


Podiatry involves Biomechanics and Gait analysis which is the study of the body's function and movement and it's effect on the lower limbs. This assessment allows our Podiatrist to identify and treat a number of complex gait issues, from injury rehabilitation, to improving sporting performance.



Regular treatments at The Physiotherapy Clinic are the best money I spend. Tracey immediately spotted things a dozen previous physios had missed for years and soon I hardly needed my walking stick any more. Likewise with my M.E. - Doctors couldn't help, and whilst I was skeptical of acupuncture at first, I can't argue with the results. There's no cure for M.E. yet, but Tracey's professional, empirical approach has kept me fit to work for over ten years.
Thank you for the excellent treatment I have received since becoming a patient in your clinic. You quickly spotted the problem with my feet and recommended a course of action which I am very pleased to say has seen a major relief of discomfort in my feet and legs.
Christine has provided me with a very successful series of treatments for a chronic back complaint plus the aftermath of a torn Achilles tendon. She communicates in a serious yet friendly manner giving first class advice. I cant recommend her highly enough.
When it comes to physiotherapists there are plenty of choices that provide a good service , but Chrissy provides an excellent service. She has enabled my body to be fit and healthy to ensure I can play and compete my golf at international level. Chrissy has given my body the health and confidence to push and achieve my goals. Chrissy has been my physiotherapist for 5 years and always works with you to understand the required treatment for the injury but also links it to your state of mind and life choices.
Patricia Fernon - Welsh Senior International Golfer
I walked into Chrissy's clinic, I say walked I mean limped, with crutches and a pillow. After just one session I walked out unaided, no crutches and feeling so much more confident. I'm not an average case but Chrissy worked with me tirelessly to improve my physical and emotional well being. She provides the highest professional care, you never feel like a number, her service is very personal. Her knowledge and bedside manner are second to none and I would never trust anyone else with my care.
Emma Low
My husband came for a treatment for back pain this weekend, he said it was excellent, a really thorough history was taken and Chrissy seemed genuinely interested. It was a very comprehensive treatment and he went as far as to say it was one of the best consultations he has ever had. Many thanks
Michelle Harris
Had a massage from Christine while suffering back pain and sciatica pain while pregnant. She really did (and does) work wonders! I felt amazing afterwards!! Highly recommend as the best physiotherapist around.
Sarah Lousie Watkins
Chrissy is amazing best physio I've seen and I've seen a few, Chrissy helped me before and after surgery and when I went abroad she was messaging me seeing how my knee was and giving me tips and exercises to do! She's amazing and helped me loads.
Charlotte Lee

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