Call us on 01633 421115 or 07813144305, alternatively email [email protected].

We are open all week to take calls, offer advice and arrange appointments as needed. No time is an impossibility for us, we try our upmost to offer you the best time that suits!

If you are struggling with impaired mobility such as having difficulty managing stairs, please notify us and we can provide a card on your arrival with our company name on that you can place in your car informing the staff who monitor the car park that you are visiting us. There is also a lift in the main entrance to the left of the red canopy.


We advise people to walk a short distance toward the red canopy on the Lodge, the walkway is heading right away from the carpark; away from the golf academy. You enter under the red canopy at the glass doors by pushing the button on the left, then take the stairs down to the left and turn right and walk on towards the gym reception through the double doors. Take a seat on the comfy couches or chairs to the left and we will come to greet you.




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