A little bit about me Jean :-)

My name is Jean and I am proud to be part of the newly branded SkyePhysio at Dylan’s Health and Fitness at the Celtic Manor Resort.

I am a Chartered Physiotherapist with a wealth of experience; ok so I know you are saying that means I qualified many years ago, which is true, but that also brings with it a unique insight, given that I have probably seen and treated thousands of patients in my long and varied career.

My experience covers a variety of settings, in hospitals, the community, working with children, but has predominantly centred on muscle and bone and sports injuries and the return to fitness following these.

I have been working at the Celtic Manor for over 5 years now, having returned from France after working as a Physio in the French healthcare system for 9 years. That was certainly a good experience working out of a clinic and in the community in the sunny French Riviera. The work was very similar to what I do now, in a different language, which after a shaky start trying to understand what the patient was saying, got easier as the time went on. In the community, restoring patients back to full health was a real joy, but also brought with it the added excitement of climbing avocado trees to reach the fruit the elderly patients in my care could not, rescuing dogs from outdoor swimming pools during hydrotherapy sessions and the association with Monaco Ladies football team through my teenage daughters, which shaped my knowledge of the training and care of young people in sport.

On my return to Wales I extended my skills taking a Masters degree out of the School of Medicine in Cardiff. Newport is not quite as sunny as the south of France and the language is slightly easier, however the passion is still there for helping people back to health.

I love what I do and approach each case with a strong evidence base so that the patient can get all the best advice and treatment from start to finish, not just an exercise sheet.

Next time you have a bad back (or knee or hip or neck or shoulder.....the list goes on) don’t hesitate to give us a call and make an appointment.

Look forward to seeing you!

Mrs Jean Hughes